i'm not really sure how to do these "about me" things but i guess i'll just put random shit... i'm a teenage dreadhead from california with way more interests than i can keep up with. oh, also i'm cis i guess, but fine with any pronouns you wish to use for me. my absolute favorite pastime is listening to music. 99.99% of the time that's what i'm doing and i'll listen to literally anything, you could make me listen to paper shredding and i'd be like "this shit slaps"... i also code and draw ofc and i do like video games but i'm broke and pretty bad at them so i don't play them very much. i enjoy going on walks too, there's just something about it idk. i make myself cringe pretty often so don't be surprised if i suddenly lose interest in my site or decide to change it completely.... i'll probably always come back eventually. anyway, i think that's about all i'm comfortable sharing on the internet right now. thanks if you read all that.